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Choosing a Farmer Florist

When choosing a farmer florist, there are certain things to consider. Here are 5 tips to find the perfect person for your special event.

  1. Sustainability – Look for a florist that is mindful of the sustainability of their products. This would be a florist that looks to source flowers and other materials from their own cutting garden and local farms or one that chooses a wholesaler who sources from local farmers and/or farms that practice ethical and sustainable farming methods.

  2. Communication – When planning a wedding or special event, you want your vision seen and heard! Be sure to work with a florist that is willing to listen to your ideas and wants and one that responds promptly to your calls, emails, or texts. Make sure you both have a clear picture of your style, theme, and color choices for your special day.

  3. Style – Do your research! Look for a florist that creates designs that fit your personal style and preferences. Look at their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages to get a clear picture of their design style and determine if it is a good fit for you. There is no one-size-fits-all florist. Find the one that resonates with you.

  4. Price point and budget – Many florists have a minimum dollar amount for a wedding. Find out if the florists you're interested in working with have one and what that amount is upfront to see if that minimum fits in your budget. You do not want to spend a lot of time and energy if you have a $1000 budget and the florist you are talking with needs a $5000 minimum for wedding or event work. It's important to find someone within your budget. Trust that there's a florist out there that can work with you!

  5. Contract – When choosing a florist, be sure to ask for a contract. You want everything you expect for your big day to be in writing. A contract should have the venue, date, and time of the ceremony, have dates and amounts for payments due, a full detailed proposal, how outside arrangements are handled for inclement weather, and a cancellation/change policy.

I hope these tips help when choosing a Florist that will create beautiful florals for your special day!



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