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Bold Cold Hardies

What are cold hardy flowers?

Cold, hardy cut flowers can be some of the most rewarding and easiest to grow. When it is time to start planting your tender annuals, you will be getting your first blooms from your cold, hardy garden.

When to plant

For spring planting - if you are starting your flowers from seed and you want to plant them in early spring, start your seeds in mid to late February. In April, you can plant them in the ground in our zone 7 region. If you want to direct seed your plants, you can put them in the ground in early to late March.

Tip: If you are using seed trays, help your cold, hardy seeds germinate by placing them in the refrigerator for 3-5 weeks before putting them in your seed trays in February!

For fall planting – if you would like to fall plant your early spring flowers, start your seeds in trays in early July to plant out in mid to late August. This will give your seedlings time to get established before the first frost. Your plants will overwinter, and you will see their little heads poke up in early spring for the earliest of blossoms. If you want to direct seed your plants, you can put them in the ground in late September or early October.

Most cold hardy flowers and plants thrive on the cooler temperatures of early spring and can even take a light frost.

List of cold hardies for your cut flower garden:

  • Snapdragons (fave)

  • Ammi False Queen Anne Lace

  • Orlaya (fave)

  • Honeywort (fave)

  • Sweet Williams

  • Bouquet Dill

  • Pincushion

  • Salvia

  • Love in the Mist

  • Monarda Bee Balm

  • Corn Cockle

  • Yarrow

There are many varieties! Check out Lisa Mason Ziegler’s book “Cool Flowers” for an extensive flower list and great tips on growing a successful cool flower cutting garden.

I hope this inspires you to try and grow flowers outside your warm-season comfort zone. Please let us know how we can help with successful seed starting and growing your cut flower garden.



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